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Welcome to Radiance.

We are eager for you to join the Radiance community and experience the best selection of body jewelry in Lee’s Summit. At Radiance Piercing we create a spa-like environment where you can be comfortable knowing you’re going to receive a safe, gentle and healthy piercing.

Ryan Hundley


Love Your Body

Experience Fine Jewelry

BVLA forward piercing


Industrial, Helix, Rook, Faux Rook, Conch, Snug, Daith, Tragus, Forward Helix, Standard Lobe and High Lobe.

Septum piercing


Bridge, Eyebrow, Lip, Philtrum, Nostril and High Nostril.

Navel piercing


Naval, Tongue and intimate piercings.

THE Midwest's

Largest Selection of BVLA Jewelry
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Newest Arrivals

Industrial piercing
BVLA jewelry
BVLA pleades curve
Citrine and diamonds
Private piercing room
Radiance Studio

Private rooms for your piercing experience. 

All scheduled piercings are performed in our private rooms. We believe our clients deserve a private space for comfort and the time needed to calm any nerves. Your comfort and safety remain the top priority for your next Radiance Piercing experience.

THe jewelry we carry.

From The Brands We Love.

Cascade Body Jewelry

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